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Who are we?

We - team of profesisonals, who have exellent experience in solving special cases: legal problems, difficult and non-standard situations, obtaining information, that is required to make a proper decision.

Exellent teamwork of specialists with experience of law enforcement bodieswill provide you optimal way of solving your problem. We are ready to start immediately with no delays.

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Our main advantage - We are ready to do full job from start to end on a turn-key basis!

Team of private investigators

Licensed detectives focused on various aspects of the work will conduct a qualitative investigation and answer all the questions you have posed. Knowledge of the situation allows you to make the right decision.

Legal Aid

Get professional advice from a lawyer with extensive knowledge of the area of law you are interested in. Do not rely on "maybe." Ignorance of the law is not exempts from liability and legal consequences.

Representation in the courts

We are ready to represent your interests in courts of various jurisdictions in civil, administrative and criminal cases. Specialized lawyers will provide qualified assistance at the stage of the investigation, as well as at the stage of the trial.

Fully free primary consultation

We understand that contacting a private detective or lawyer is not a citizen's daily activity, therefore, we guarantee a free initial consultation on your issue at any time convenient for you.

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Why clients choose us ?

Among the many offers on the market, we are ready to work completely officially, with the conclusion of an agreement. The collected materials will be applicable not only for your personal use, but also in law enforcement agencies, as well as in court. We are ready to fully tackle your problem from any stage. We are not "masters of all trades," but our staff of specialists allows us to work in any field. With us, you are guaranteed to receive qualified help.

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We work completely officially, having all permits.

We conclude a contract for the provision of services with each client, we accept payment to the organization's settlement account. We are ready to demonstrate openness and honesty so that the client could fully see our professionalism and decency.

Working with us or simply discovering some personal secrets and seed secrets at a free consultation, you can be sure that the whole conversation will remain between us and all the information received. will not be used against the customer or to extract any benefit or damage to anyone. We value our reputation.

When concluding an agreement, the client is fully explained all actions, tasks and chances of completing the task. We do not have hidden punctures, small print and some replaced concepts.

We are all human beings and we are well aware that in a critical situation the client may be in an emotionally unstable state or be angry, upset, scared. We guarantee support, ready listen to any issue and help with kind advice over a cup of coffee.

We are not burdened with bureaucracy and delay. We are ready to start the task immediately. Sometimes the speed of the task is proportional to the positive result. We appreciate our time and yours.

Our organization has an office where you can meet with our specialists confidentially and without unnecessary eyes. We are ready at your request to hold a meeting in a cafe or in a car, but we are always ready to receive you in our office.

Detective services

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Special assignments, mediation

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Outsource security service for Companies.

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Areas of detective services where we can provide assistance.

There is an opinion that private detectives are secret subjects running with pitoslets on the roofs of houses after criminals, some spies who track down unfaithful spouses. In some meager part, it is, but for the most part, a professional private detective working in conjunction with a lawyer is a specialist who can legally help win a civil or criminal case, find lost property or a debtor, give an answer to any difficult question facing the client. We work within the legal framework and do it professionally.

Participation in criminal cases

Most of the criminal cases fall apart at the preliminary investigation stage, and the percentage of acquittals in our country is very low. Exactly therefore: the sooner you begin to solve your problem, the higher the chances that the result will be desired!

The lawyer has some limitations in the process of carrying out his activities, and his status does not allow to solve some tasks that are available to private investigators. But in the ideal version, the work of a lawyer and a private detective gives the highest chance that witnesses, evidence of an event or the absence of one or another will be found.

Nowadays, people are not all people legally literate, which allows law enforcement agencies to easily achieve the desired result. If you want to defend your rights, seek justice, seek punishment for the guilty person or bring the person to justice, then the need to use the full range of legal possibilities is the key to the desired result.

Search for debtors, property, fraudsters

In 90% of cases, if you read this section, you have already talked with the bailiff service or beat the thresholds of the police department in the hope of finding a fraudster, returning the stolen property or simply recovering from the debtor, in accordance with the executive list laid down to you by right. But, unfortunately, the truth of life is such that without making personal efforts, this epic can drag on for years and end in nothing.

< p > Since you have put yourself in such a situation, the only varinate is to turn to professional professionals.

According to statistics, the percentage of successful cases in this area is approaching 90%, which gives us the right to declare the effectiveness of our work and the high-quality performance of the task. Each case is different, and if you collect 3 million rubles from LLC "Tolerated" with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, then we will not even undertake to fulfill the task, since success is approaching 0.01%, but in other cases, when we see the potential for execution, we will inform the client about the likelihood of fulfilling the task and are ready to start immediately, since delay in this situation leads to the departure of property from the legal field of collection.

Search for scammers, alphons, etc. on the Internet

Now almost everyone has a smartphone. Social networks, messengers are a worse part of our lives. Everyone has access to them.
In this regard, new methods of committing crimes have appeared, based on the use of high technologies. We are very often asked to check the future spouse, whom they met on the Internet or check the subcompany man who asks to issue a loan or asks for money in debt.

But there are situations that call cyber crimes - that is, theft of funds from bank cards, registration of loans for dummy people or simply banal blackmail of sex photos or videos. And such a criminal is not so easy to detect, since we are not facing a real person, but an e-mail box, or a Whatsapp number, or just a nickname on the social network. Law enforcement agencies are reluctant to take on such cases, as they are very difficult to investigate. Our agency is not afraid of difficulties and difficult tasks. Having studied the materials that you will provide, we will inform you about the possibility of carrying out retail activities.

Gathering evidence for the trial

The collection of evidence for the trial imposes certain features on the process of collecting evidence, since there are not only rules of relevance and admissibility, but also criminal responsibility for the method of their extraction.

Clients, using the services of so called "hackers" to extract any information, instead of the desired court decision, received charges under articles of the criminal code concerning not only violation of the secrecy of personal life, correspondence and illegal access to computer information, but also the charge of disclosing state secrets, since some of the information they bought on the black market, they wear the neck of secrecy, and there is practically no way to obtain this information legally. Therefore, the inept use of seemingly accessible shadow opportunities entails not only potential responsibility, but also the impossibility of using these evidence in court and on a preliminary investigation.

Trust your work with professionals, do not rely on chance. Turning to us, you provide yourself with legal purity of work and peace of mind.

Resolution of family disputes, control over children.

The most private appeals are related to the infidelity of the spouse or spouse, as well as questions about the search for children and relatives.

These tasks are delicate in execution, since private detectives are forbidden to invade privacy and take actions to violate the inviolability of the home. With inept execution, you can get a real term, so requests for "evidence of treason when sexual intercourse is filmed in a hotel or in an apartment" are unenforceable in practice, and in theory too. Private detectives were not equipped with devices to pass through the walls and portable rocket packs to raise up to 23 floors of a residential building. We are professionals working within the legal framework, but we are not wizards. Those who promise to commit these actions are criminals and, most likely, fraudsters who will take money and disappear.

Whether it is a question of the infidelity of the spouse, the location of the child or the search for a relative, we carry out work strictly within the framework of the law and the materials received can be used both in court and in the framework of mediator negotiations. In any case, before performing the task, we will inform you about the possibility and methods of fulfilling the task.

Protection of honor, dignity, reputation. Removing slander from the Internet.

Comments about a person, showing any intimate photos, or publishing other defamatory information on the Internet can be very annoying, and sometimes destructive

It is impossible to cope with this by referring to the administration of the forums or to the authors of the publications themselves, in the vast majority of cases, and sometimes it is not possible to determine at all who is the author of a negative review or some defamatory article. Don't worry! In the vast majority of cases, we can help you resolve this issue and remove all negative information.

Even considering that the speed of information distribution on the Internet is much faster than the speed of its removal, we can still help you stop its distribution at the root.

Working Order

Before we begin the task, we need to find out all the details that directly and indirectly affect the situation. Therefore, we conduct a free basic consultation with clients, where we find out significant circumstances and clarify the necessary points.

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Basic consultation

We find out the necessary points and the possibility of performing the task
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Signing of the contract

Coordination of terms, tasks, cost, terms of payment
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Task execution

We immediately begin to fulfill our obligations

Grateful customers

We publish feedback exclusively with the permission of customers, as we value confidentiality and under no circumstances disclose even the fact of a meeting with a potential client.

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“Thank you for tackling my problem. For more than three years she tried to resolve the land issue and spent a lot of money and time on lawyers. An unusual approach to my question helped solve quickly and inexpensively solve the task ”

Larisa G. Manager of Bank

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“ Thanks to the specialists of the detective agency who helped prove the innocence of my son A.G. Petrichenko, in respect of whom the criminal case on rehabilitating grounds was terminated. You are professionals with a capital letter! You can say saved my life and my son. ”

Angelina Petrichenko Businessman

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“ I was looking for contacts of my father, with whom I had not communicated for 10 years. Found in less than a day. I did not believe that it was possible so quickly, but the fact remains. Thank you. ”

Kositsin Ivan Student

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To use our services, just pick up the phone and call our specialist. You can also e-mail us or visit our office on a preliminary record.